The Hidden Perks Of Great Credit

Dated: May 6 2021

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Everybody knows it’s important to keep your credit in good shape. Not only is a healthy credit score a good financial practice, but it’s also a way to save money and increase your housing options in some cases.

The information I’m providing you this month explores all the hidden perks that accompany great credit, so you understand exactly what that good-to-excellent credit rating can get you. I’m also sharing tips to help you build the strong credit you need to take advantage of these benefits, while clearing up a few misconceptions about how a credit score is actually calculated.

Building excellent credit now will prepare you as you apply for a new credit card, auto loan or mortgage in the future. If you’re in the market for a new home now, give me a call! I can walk you through the process and refer you to a great lender who can get you pre-qualified. 

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